Fuel Trophy Wheels – Matte Black w/ Anthracite Ring (D551)


Fuel Trophy Wheels – Matte Black w/ Anthracite Ring (D551)

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Product Description

If these big, bold and heavy duty looking wheels are everything you have ever dreamed of then why should you hesitate to get them today and have them installed on your very own truck? The second you put these Trophy wheels on your truck you will be so glad that you did. All of your neighbors, friends and family will want to come admire your awesome truck. These wheels are perfectly designed to look great on any truck. They will make any truck instantly look bigger, tougher and more heavy duty! If that is what you want your truck to look like then these are the wheels for you.

The finish on these wheels makes them particularly intense looking. Most of the wheel is finished with a beautiful matt black finish that is sure to look great and match any color or style of truck. But there is also a little bit more than just the matte black finish to these wheels. The outside ring is Anthracite, which adds just enough contrast to these wheels as if it were framing or highlighting the black wheel. When you put these wheels on your truck they are sure to stand out just enough to make your entire truck look incredible. The spoke design on these wheels is simple and keeps it from completely over powering your truck or looking to flashy.

If you are in love with these wheels half as much as we are then you know that these are absolutely the wheels for you and your truck. When you purchase these Trophy matt black and Anthracite wheels for your truck you are getting the best bargain for the highest quality wheels, but only when you purchase them from us here at DH Wheels. Contact our customer service agents to learn more about our low price guarantee!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
17A17X8.505×114.3 D55117856545BD -Black Matte72.60-064.5001001-57B250026.00 0
17B17X8.505×127 D55117857345BD -Black Matte78.10-064.5001001-57B250026.00 2.35
17C17X8.505×127 D55117857350BD -Black Matte78.10065.0001001-57B250026.00 2.35
17D17X8.506×139.7 D55117858345BD -Black Matte108.00-064.5001001-58B250026.00 2.35
17E17X8.506×139.7 D55117858350BD -Black Matte108.00065.0001001-61B250026.00 2.35
17F17X8.505×139.7 D55117858545BD -Black Matte108.00-064.5001001-61B250026.00 2.35
17G17X8.506×135 D55117858950BD -Black Matte87.10065.0001001-58B250026.00 2.35

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
18A18X98×170 D55118901750BD -Black Matte125.10015.0001001-59B350032.00 3.07
18B18X98×170 D55118901757BD -Black Matte125.10205.7501001-59B350032.00 3.07
18C18X98×180 D55118901857BD -Black Matte124.20205.7501003-21B350032.00 3.07
18D18X95×150 D55118905657BD -Black Matte110.30205.7501001-56B250029.00 2.6
18E18X95×127 D55118907350BD -Black Matte78.10015.0001001-57B250029.00 3.39
18F18X98×165.1 D55118908250BD -Black Matte125.20015.0001001-59B350032.00 3.07
18G18X98×165.1 D55118908257BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501001-59B350032.00 3.07
18H18X96×139.7 D55118908350BD -Black Matte108.00015.0001001-58B250029.00 2.6
18I18X96×139.7 D55118908357BD -Black Matte108.00205.7501001-58B250029.00 2.6
18J18X95×139.7 D55118908557BD -Black Matte108.00205.7501001-57B250029.00 2.6
18K18X96×135 D55118908950BD -Black Matte87.10015.0001001-58B250029.00 2.6
18L18X96×135 D55118908957BD -Black Matte87.10205.7501001-58B25000.00 2.6
18M18X105×150 D55118005650BD -Black Matte110.30-125.0001001-56B250032.00 4.37
18N18X105×127 D55118007345BD -Black Matte78.10-244.5001001-57B250032.00 4.37
18O18X105×127 D55118007350BD -Black Matte78.10-125.0001001-57B250032.00 4.37
18P18X106×139.7 D55118008350BD -Black Matte108.00-125.0001001-58B250032.00 4.37
18Q18X105×139.7 D55118008545BD -Black Matte108.00-244.5001001-61B250032.00 4.37
18R18X105×139.7 D55118008550BD -Black Matte108.00-125.0001001-61B250032.00 4.37
18S18X106×135 D55118008950BD -Black Matte87.10-125.0001001-58B250032.00 4.37

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X98×170 D55120901750BD -Black Matte125.10015.0001001-59B350037.00 3.2
20B20X98×170 D55120901757BD -Black Matte125.10205.7501001-59B350037.00 3
20C20X98×180 D55120901857BD -Black Matte124.20205.7501003-21B350037.00 3
20D20X95×150 D55120905650BD -Black Matte110.30015.0001001-56B250032.00 3.22
20E20X95×150 D55120905657BD -Black Matte110.30205.7501001-56B220031.00 3
20F20X95×114.3 D55120906545BD -Black Matte72.50-124.5001001-57B250032.00 3.22
20G20X95×127 D55120907345BD -Black Matte78.10-124.5001001-61B250032.00 3.22
20H20X95×127 D55120907350BD -Black Matte78.10015.0001001-57B250032.00 3.22
20I20X98×165.1 D55120908250BD -Black Matte125.20015.0001001-59B350037.00 3.2
20J20X98×165.1 D55120908257BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501001-59B350037.00 3
20K20X96×139.7 D55120908345BD -Black Matte108.00-124.5001001-58B250032.00 3.22
20L20X96×139.7 D55120908350BD -Black Matte108.00015.0001001-61B250032.00 3.22
20M20X96×139.7 D55120908357BD -Black Matte108.00205.7501001-58B220031.00 3
20N20X95×139.7 D55120908545BD -Black Matte108.00-124.5001001-57B220032.00 3.22
20O20X96×135 D55120908950BD -Black Matte87.10015.0001001-58B250032.00 3.22
20P20X96×135 D55120908957BD -Black Matte87.10205.7501001-58B220031.00 3
20Q20X108×170 D55120001747BD -Black Matte125.10-184.7501001-59B350037.00 4.78
20R20X108×165.1 D55120008247BD -Black Matte125.20-184.7501001-59B350037.00 4.78

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X9.505×150 D55122955652BD -Black Matte110.30005.2501001-56B250040.00 3.3
22B22X9.505×150 D55122955660BD -Black Matte110.30206.0001001-56B250040.00 3.3
22C22X9.506×139.7 D55122958352BD -Black Matte108.00005.2501001-58B250040.00 3.3
22D22X9.506×139.7 D55122958360BD -Black Matte108.00206.0001001-58B250040.00 3.3
22E22X9.505×139.7 D55122958552BD -Black Matte108.00005.2501001-61B250040.00 3.3
22F22X9.506×135 D55122958952BD -Black Matte87.10005.2501001-58B250040.00 3.3
22G22X9.506×135 D55122958960BD -Black Matte87.10206.0001001-58B250040.00 3.3


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