Fuel Trophy Wheels – Matte Anthracite w/ Black Ring (D552)


Fuel Trophy Wheels – Matte Anthracite w/ Black Ring (D552)

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Product Description

Sometimes less is more, and with all of the craze in truck wheels these days sometimes the designers just really outdo themselves in your eyes. If you prefer a more simplified look then these wheels are for you. If you would like to see more big, bold, wide and thick spokes that feel heavy duty, tough, look really cool and avoid being too flashy with all the minor design details then these wheels are for you. Introducing the Trophy wheels from DH Wheels. These are a bold and tough yet beautiful wheel design that are sure to look amazing on your truck. The finish is a matte Anthracite and also features a black ring.

The black ring really adds just the perfect amount of contrast so that the wheel avoids just disappearing into the background, because the black ring and the rest of the Anthracite finished wheel complement each other quite nicely and bring out the best features of each other. The spoke design on these wheels is what you are really sure to love if you are after that simple and strong look. Each of the spokes just out from the center and feature only the very slightest of tapering and curving.

Don’t hesitate any longer in buying these wheels from us here at DH Wheels, because you can be sure that you are getting top quality wheels for the absolute lowest price! We are proud to offer you our low price guarantee, which means exactly what it sounds like and even more! This guarantee means we will beat any competitor’s price before your purchase and even after your purchase from us we will refund you the difference if you find a lower price anywhere and notify us within thirty days? How’s that for a low price guarantee? What are you waiting for?

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
17A17X8.505×114.3 D55217856545GD -GunMetal Matte72.60-064.5001001-57B250026.00 2.35
17B17X8.505×127 D55217857345GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-064.5001001-57B250026.00 2.35
17C17X8.505×127 D55217857350GD -GunMetal Matte78.10065.0001001-57B250026.00 2.35
17D17X8.506×139.7 D55217858345GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-064.5001001-58B250026.00 2.35
17E17X8.506×139.7 D55217858350GD -GunMetal Matte108.00065.0001001-58B250026.00 2.35
17F17X8.505×139.7 D55217858545GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-064.5001001-61B250026.00 2.35
17G17X8.506×135 D55217858950GD -GunMetal Matte87.10065.0001001-58B250026.00 2.35

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
18A18X98×170 D55218901750GD -GunMetal Matte125.10015.0001001-59B350032.00 3.07
18B18X98×170 D55218901757GD -GunMetal Matte125.10205.7501001-59B350032.00 3.07
18C18X98×180 D55218901857GD -GunMetal Matte124.20205.7501003-21B350032.00 3.07
18D18X95×150 D55218905657GD -GunMetal Matte110.30205.7501001-56B250029.00 2.6
18E18X95×127 D55218907350GD -GunMetal Matte78.10015.0001001-57B250029.00 3.39
18F18X98×165.1 D55218908250GD -GunMetal Matte125.20015.0001001-59B350032.00 3.07
18G18X98×165.1 D55218908257GD -GunMetal Matte125.20205.7501001-59B350032.00 3.07
18H18X96×139.7 D55218908350GD -GunMetal Matte108.00015.0001001-58B250029.00 2.6
18I18X96×139.7 D55218908357GD -GunMetal Matte108.00205.7501001-58B250029.00 2.6
18J18X95×139.7 D55218908557GD -GunMetal Matte108.00205.7501001-57B250029.00 2.6
18K18X96×135 D55218908950GD -GunMetal Matte87.10015.0001001-58B250029.00 2.6
18L18X96×135 D55218908957GD -GunMetal Matte87.10205.7501001-58B25000.00 2.6
18M18X105×150 D55218005650GD -GunMetal Matte110.30-125.0001001-56B250032.00 4.37
18N18X105×127 D55218007345GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-244.5001001-57B250032.00 4.37
18O18X105×127 D55218007350GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-125.0001001-57B250032.00 4.37
18P18X106×139.7 D55218008350GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-125.0001001-58B250032.00 4.37
18Q18X105×139.7 D55218008545GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-244.5001001-61B250032.00 4.37
18R18X105×139.7 D55218008550GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-125.0001001-61B250032.00 4.37
18S18X106×135 D55218008950GD -GunMetal Matte87.10-125.0001001-58B250032.00 4.37

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X98×170 D55220901750GD -GunMetal Matte125.10015.0001001-59B350037.00 3.2
20B20X98×170 D55220901757GD -GunMetal Matte125.10205.7501001-59B350037.00 3.2
20C20X98×180 D55220901857GD -GunMetal Matte124.20205.7501003-21B350037.00 3.2
20D20X95×150 D55220905650GD -GunMetal Matte110.30015.0001001-56B250032.00 3.22
20E20X95×150 D55220905657GD -GunMetal Matte110.30205.7501001-56B220031.00 3
20F20X95×114.3 D55220906545GD -GunMetal Matte72.60-124.5001001-57B250032.00 3.22
20G20X95×127 D55220907345GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-124.5001001-57B250032.00 3.22
20H20X95×127 D55220907350GD -GunMetal Matte78.10015.0001001-57B250032.00 3.22
20I20X98×165.1 D55220908250GD -GunMetal Matte125.20015.0001001-59B350037.00 3.2
20J20X98×165.1 D55220908257GD -GunMetal Matte125.20205.7501001-59B350037.00 3.2
20K20X96×139.7 D55220908345GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-124.5001001-58B250032.00 3.22
20L20X96×139.7 D55220908350GD -GunMetal Matte108.00015.0001001-58B250032.00 3.22
20M20X96×139.7 D55220908357GD -GunMetal Matte108.00205.7501001-58B220031.00 3
20N20X95×139.7 D55220908545GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-124.5001001-61B00.00 3.22
20O20X96×135 D55220908950GD -GunMetal Matte87.10015.0001001-58B250032.00 3.22
20P20X96×135 D55220908957GD -GunMetal Matte87.10205.7501001-58B220031.00 3
20Q20X108×170 D55220001747GD -GunMetal Matte125.10-184.7501001-59B350037.00 4.78
20R20X108×165.1 D55220008247GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-184.7501001-59B350037.00 4.78


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