Fuel Throttle Wheels Deep Lip – Matte Black & Milled (D513)


Fuel Throttle Wheels Deep Lip – Matte Black & Milled (D513)

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Product Description

If you are looking for a way to have more fun with your truck then these Throttle wheels from DH Wheels and manufactured by Fuel are the way to go. These wheels are going to turn your truck from just a cool truck to a downright awesome truck! All you need to do is install these high quality wheels to your truck and you will certainly have the coolest looking truck on the road. Enjoy all of the stares of admiration that you are sure to receive when you go cruising by in your truck that is sporting these incredible wheels!

These Throttle wheels feature a deep lip design. These wheels are sure to look great on any truck. When you purchase these Throttle wheels, don’t go anywhere but our team here at DH Wheels, because only we offer the highest quality products for the lowest possible prices and all of this while treating you with the highest quality customer service you have ever experienced, because you deserve nothing less than the best. When you shop with us here at DH Wheels you are making a wise decision, because we are proud to present to you our uniquely competitive and therefore industry leading low price guarantee!

If you find any retailer offering these same wheels for a cheaper price just let us know and we will make it up to you by offering you an even lower price! We also give you up to thirty days after the date of your purchase from us to find a lower price anywhere and let us know, and if you somehow succeed in doing this (which is not likely because we already know that we have the lowest prices) then we will refund you the difference! Contact one of our customer service agents for assistance today!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X12  D513202000-44Black78.10-444.7501001-63250044.00CONICAL5.5
20C20X128×170 D51320201747Black125.20-444.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL5.5
20D20X128×180 D51320201847Black125.20-444.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL5.5
20F20X128×6.5 D51320208247Black125.20-444.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL5.5

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X14  D513224000-76Black78.10-764.5001001-63250059.00CONICAL7.9
22B22X148×170 D51322401745Black125.20-764.5001002-53350059.00CONICAL7.9
22C22X148×180 D51322401845Black125.20-764.5001002-53350059.00CONICAL7.9
22F22X148×6.5 D51322408245Black125.20-764.5001002-53350059.00CONICAL7.9


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