Fuel Rampage Wheels – Chrome w/ Gloss Black Lip (D237)


Fuel Rampage Wheels – Chrome w/ Gloss Black Lip (D237)

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Product Description

There is a reason why chrome is considered to be such a timeless and such a classic choice when it comes to all things pertaining to trucks, cars and all vehicles. Chrome is so beautiful and shiny that it adds a huge amount of beauty without having to resort to using little fancy gimmicks and such. When you get a classic chrome wheel you are stating to the world that you know how to keep it classy, classic and beautiful.

These Renegade wheels are everything you dreamed of and more. Have you ever been to a jewelry store where they have the diamonds placed on top of a black display cloth? They do this because it enhances the beauty of the diamonds and makes them look even brighter. This is the same effect that the designers of this wheel create by using a glossy black finish on the outer rim of the wheel. With this glossy black finish surrounding it, the chrome spokes and center of the wheel look that much more bright and shiny!

The spoke design is fairly simple its self. It features thick, bulky and wide spokes that travel out from the center and slightly narrow as they approach the outside lip of the wheel. This design is functional and looks heavy duty, but the best part of it is that it does not distract from the beauty of the contrasting shades of glossy black and chrome, which is the main feature of this wheel design. When you purchase these wheels, make the wise decision to purchase them from DH Wheels. Our entire team here is committed to your satisfaction, which is why we never reveal your information to uninvolved third parties. It is also why we are so proud to offer you our low price guarantee!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X108×170 D23720001747VP -Powder Chrome125.20-194.7501001-59350048.00CONICAL4.58
20B20X108×180 D23720001847VP -Powder Chrome124.30-194.7501003-21350048.00CONICAL4.58
20C20X105×150 D23720005647VP -Powder Chrome110.30-194.7501001-56250048.00CONICAL4.58
20D20X105×5.0 D23720007347VP -Powder Chrome78.10-194.7501001-57250048.00CONICAL4.58
20E20X108×6.5 D23720008247VP -Powder Chrome125.20-194.7501001-59350048.00CONICAL4.58
20F20X106×5.5 D23720008347VP -Powder Chrome108.00-194.7501001-58250048.00CONICAL4.58
20G20X105×5.5 D23720008547VP -Powder Chrome108.00-194.7501001-61250048.00CONICAL4.58
20H20X106×135 D23720008947VP -Powder Chrome87.10-194.7501001-58250048.00CONICAL4.58
20I20X128×170 D23720201747VP -Powder Chrome125.20-444.7501001-59350051.00CONICAL6.34
20J20X128×180 D23720201847VP -Powder Chrome124.30-444.7501003-21350051.00CONICAL6.34
20K20X125×150 D23720205647VP -Powder Chrome110.30-444.7501001-56250051.00CONICAL6.34
20L20X125×5.0 D23720207347VP -Powder Chrome78.10-444.7501001-57250051.00CONICAL6.34
20M20X128×6.5 D23720208247VP -Powder Chrome125.20-444.7501001-59350051.00CONICAL6.34
20N20X126×5.5 D23720208347VP -Powder Chrome108.00-444.7501001-58250051.00CONICAL6.34
20O20X125×5.5 D23720208547VP -Powder Chrome108.00-444.7501001-61250051.00CONICAL6.34
20P20X126×135 D23720208947VP -Powder Chrome87.10-444.7501001-58250051.00CONICAL6.34

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X108×170 D23722001750VP -Powder Chrome125.10-115.0001001-59350050.00CONICAL3.96
22B22X108×180 D23722001850VP -Powder Chrome124.30-115.0001003-21350050.00CONICAL3.96
22C22X105×150 D23722005650VP -Powder Chrome110.30-115.0001001-56250050.00CONICAL3.96
22D22X105×5.0 D23722007350VP -Powder Chrome78.10-115.0001001-57250050.00CONICAL3.96
22E22X108×6.5 D23722008250VP -Powder Chrome125.20-115.0001001-59350050.00CONICAL3.96
22F22X106×5.5 D23722008350VP -Powder Chrome108.00-115.0001001-58250050.00CONICAL3.96
22G22X105×5.5 D23722008550VP -Powder Chrome108.00-115.0001001-61250050.00CONICAL3.96
22H22X106×135 D23722008950VP -Powder Chrome87.10-115.0001001-58250050.00CONICAL3.96
22I22X128×170 D23722201747VP -Powder Chrome125.10-444.7501001-59350053.00CONICAL6.23
22J22X125×5.0 D23722207347VP -Powder Chrome78.10-444.7501001-57250053.00CONICAL6.23
22K22X128×6.5 D23722208247VP -Powder Chrome125.20-444.7501001-59350053.00CONICAL6.23
22L22X126×5.5 D23722208347VP -Powder Chrome108.00-444.7501001-58250053.00CONICAL6.23
22M22X125×5.5 D23722208547VP -Powder Chrome108.00-444.7501001-61250053.00CONICAL6.23
22N22X126×135 D23722208947VP -Powder Chrome87.10-444.7501001-58250053.00CONICAL6.23
22O22X148×170 D23722401747VP -Powder Chrome125.10-704.7501001-59350056.00CONICAL8.2
22P22X148×180 D23722401847VP -Powder Chrome124.30-704.7501003-21350056.00CONICAL8.2
22Q22X148×6.5 D23722408247VP -Powder Chrome125.20-704.7501001-59350056.00CONICAL8.2
22R22X146×5.5 D23722408347VP -Powder Chrome108.00-704.7501001-58250056.00CONICAL8.2


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