Fuel Rampage Wheels – Anthracite Center, Gloss Black Lip (D238)


Fuel Rampage Wheels – Anthracite Center, Gloss Black Lip (D238)

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Product Description

Anthracite centers on wheels are actually not that common, but if you know that that is what you want and you refuse to settle for anything else then you are experiencing great luck right at this exact moment because these wheels are everything you dreamed of. Featuring a beautiful and sleek design, these wheels will make any awesome looking truck infinitely more gorgeous, and they will spice up any old plain truck and make it into a gorgeous truck that you will be proud to show off again and again to anyone who cares to look, which will be just about everyone you meet. The finish on these Rampage wheels features an Anthracite center and also has the benefit of a black glossy outer lip. When you combine these two features of the Anthracite center and black glossy lip, which by the way will add incredible shine to your truck, with the spoke design of these Rampage wheels, you get a truly masterful work of art.

These Rampage wheels feature a spoke design that is really quite simple, which will make it so that viewers are not distracted from the Anthracite center and glossy black lip. This design emphasizes the beauty of the finish, and it also avoids going over the top with fancy add ons and flares. If you like to keep things simple and classy then these Rampage wheels will help you do just that. Here at DH Wheels we like to help keep your life simple as well. We do this by offering convenient and personal customer service and by looking out for your bank account. We keep all of your personal information safe, secure and confidential which is how it should always be. We are also proud to offer you our low price guarantee which will save you money up to thirty days after your purchase!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X108×170 D23820001747GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-194.7501001-59B350048.00CONICAL4.58
20B20X108×180 D23820001847GD -GunMetal Matte124.30-194.7501003-21B350048.00CONICAL4.58
20C20X105×150 D23820005647GD -GunMetal Matte110.30-194.7501001-56B250048.00CONICAL4.58
20D20X105×5.0 D23820007347GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-194.7501001-57B250048.00CONICAL4.58
20E20X108×6.5 D23820008247GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-194.7501001-59B350048.00CONICAL4.58
20F20X106×5.5 D23820008347GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-194.7501001-58B250048.00CONICAL4.58
20G20X105×5.5 D23820008547GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-194.7501001-61B250048.00CONICAL4.58
20H20X106×135 D23820008947GD -GunMetal Matte87.10-194.7501001-58B250048.00CONICAL4.58
20I20X128×170 D23820201747GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-444.7501001-59B350051.00CONICAL6.34
20J20X128×180 D23820201847GD -GunMetal Matte124.30-444.7501003-21B350051.00CONICAL6.34
20K20X125×150 D23820205647GD -GunMetal Matte110.30-444.7501001-56B250051.00CONICAL6.34
20L20X125×5.0 D23820207347GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-444.7501001-57B250051.00CONICAL6.34
20M20X128×6.5 D23820208247GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-444.7501001-59B350051.00CONICAL6.34
20N20X126×5.5 D23820208347GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-444.7501001-58B250051.00CONICAL6.34
20O20X125×5.5 D23820208547GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-444.7501001-61B250051.00CONICAL6.34
20P20X126×135 D23820208947GD -GunMetal Matte87.10-444.7501001-58B250051.00CONICAL6.34

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X108×170 D23822001750GD -GunMetal Matte125.10-115.0001001-59B350050.00CONICAL3.96
22B22X108×180 D23822001850GD -GunMetal Matte124.30-115.0001003-21B350050.00CONICAL3.96
22C22X105×150 D23822005650GD -GunMetal Matte110.30-115.0001001-56B250050.00CONICAL3.96
22D22X105×5.0 D23822007350GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-115.0001001-57B250050.00CONICAL3.96
22E22X108×6.5 D23822008250GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-115.0001001-59B350050.00CONICAL3.96
22F22X106×5.5 D23822008350GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-115.0001001-58B250050.00CONICAL3.96
22G22X105×5.5 D23822008550GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-115.0001001-61B250050.00CONICAL3.96
22H22X106×135 D23822008950GD -GunMetal Matte87.10-115.0001001-58B250050.00CONICAL3.96
22I22X128×170 D23822201747GD -GunMetal Matte125.10-444.7501001-59B350053.00CONICAL6.23
22J22X125×5.0 D23822207347GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-444.7501001-57B250053.00CONICAL6.23
22K22X128×6.5 D23822208247GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-444.7501001-59B350053.00CONICAL6.23
22L22X126×5.5 D23822208347GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-444.7501001-58B250053.00CONICAL6.23
22M22X125×5.5 D23822208547GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-444.7501001-61B250053.00CONICAL6.23
22N22X126×135 D23822208947GD -GunMetal Matte87.10-444.7501001-58B250053.00CONICAL6.23
22O22X148×170 D23822401747GD -GunMetal Matte125.10-704.7501001-59B350056.00CONICAL8.2
22P22X148×180 D23822401847GD -GunMetal Matte124.30-704.7501003-21B350056.00CONICAL8.2
22Q22X148×6.5 D23822408247GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-704.7501001-59B350056.00CONICAL8.2
22R22X146×5.5 D23822408347GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-704.7501001-58B250056.00CONICAL8.2


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