Fuel Pump Wheels – Matte Black (D515)


Fuel Pump Wheels – Matte Black (D515)

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Product Description

If you are looking for the perfect wheels to install on your truck then these matt black Pump wheels are going to look absolutely phenomenal. When you put these wheels on your truck you will witness firsthand how significant a difference these wheels will make on the overall look of your truck. These wheels are subtle yet very interesting to look at, and they will look just as great on your truck when it is moving as when it is just sitting in the parking lot or in your drive way or garage.

These wheels feature a slightly unique spoke design that uses double spokes to create a very different look than many other wheels will give you. If you are into things that look cool but never flashy then these wheels are for you. The finish on these wheels does a lot to help them achieve that cool design without that flashy feel. The matt black finish on these Pump wheels will look great with any color of truck that you own now or that you would ever buy in the future.

If you want to get the best deal you have ever gotten in your entire life then you would be smart to buy these wheels from DH Wheels. Here our entire staff is dedicated to your complete satisfaction with your purchase from us. This is why we give you our low price guarantee. If you find a lower price anywhere just let us know and we will beat that price! We even give you up to thirty days after the date of your purchase from us to find a lower price anywhere and if you do we will refund you the difference! That is quite the guarantee, so what are you waiting for? Get your Pump wheels today!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
18A18X98×170 D51518901750BD -Black Matte125.2015.0001002-53350044.00CONICAL0
18B18X98×170 D51518901757BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL0
18C18X98×180 D51518901850BD -Black Matte125.2015.0001002-53350044.00CONICAL0
18D18X98×180 D51518901857BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL0
18E18X95×4.55×5.0D51518902650BD -Black Matte78.1015.0001001-63250044.00CONICAL0
18F18X95×5.55×150D51518907050BD -Black Matte110.3015.0001001-63B250044.00CONICAL0
18G18X95×5.55×150D51518907057BD -Black Matte110.30205.7501001-63B250044.00CONICAL0
18H18X98×6.5 D51518908250BD -Black Matte125.2015.0001002-53350044.00CONICAL0
18I18X98×6.5 D51518908257BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL0
18J18X96×1356×5.5D51518909850BD -Black Matte106.4015.0001001-63250044.00CONICAL0
18K18X96×1356×5.5D51518909855BD -Black Matte106.40145.5001001-63250044.00CONICAL0
18L18X96×1356×5.5D51518909857BD -Black Matte106.40205.7501001-63250044.00CONICAL0

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X98×170 D51520901750BD -Black Matte125.2015.0001002-53350046.00CONICAL0
20B20X98×170 D51520901757BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501002-53350046.00CONICAL0
20C20X98×180 D51520901850BD -Black Matte125.2015.0001002-53350046.00CONICAL0
20D20X98×180 D51520901857BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501002-53350046.00CONICAL0
20E20X95×4.55×5.0D51520902650BD -Black Matte78.1015.0001001-63250046.00CONICAL0
20F20X95×4.55×5.0D51520902655BD -Black Matte78.10145.5001001-63250046.00CONICAL0
20G20X95×4.55×5.0D51520902657BD -Black Matte78.10205.7501001-63250046.00CONICAL0
20H20X95×5.55×150D51520907050BD -Black Matte110.3015.0001001-63250046.00CONICAL0
20I20X95×5.55×150D51520907057BD -Black Matte110.30205.7501001-63250046.00CONICAL0
20J20X98×6.5 D51520908250BD -Black Matte125.2015.0001002-53350046.00CONICAL0
20K20X98×6.5 D51520908257BD -Black Matte125.20205.7501002-53350046.00CONICAL0
20L20X96×1356×5.5D51520909850BD -Black Matte106.4015.0001001-63250046.00CONICAL0
20M20X96×1356×5.5D51520909857BD -Black Matte106.40205.7501001-63250046.00CONICAL0
20N20X105×5.05×135D51520000545BD -Black Matte87.10-245.0001001-63B250049.00CONICAL0
20O20X108×170 D51520001745BD -Black Matte125.20-244.5001002-53B350049.00CONICAL0
20P20X108×180 D51520001850BD -Black Matte125.20-125.0001002-53B350049.00CONICAL0
20Q20X105×4.55×5.0D51520002645BD -Black Matte78.10-245.0001001-63B250049.00CONICAL0
20R20X105×5.55×150D51520007045BD -Black Matte110.30-245.0001001-63B250049.00CONICAL0
20S20X108×6.5 D51520008245BD -Black Matte125.20-244.5001002-53B350049.00CONICAL0
20T20X106×1356×5.5D51520009845BD -Black Matte106.40-244.5001001-63B250049.00CONICAL0


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