Fuel Octane Wheels Deep Lip – Matte Black (D509)


Fuel Octane Wheels Deep Lip – Matte Black (D509)

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Product Description

Your truck is not a mind reader. If you love your truck you better show it before it starts to wonder how you feel. Make sure that all of the other trucks know you are taken. You have only one passion in your life and that is your super awesome truck. What better way is there to show your truck that you care for it and that you appreciate all the hard work it does for you. It’s true, you would be nowhere without your trust worthy and loyal truck. Get your truck what all trucks can appreciate.

These awesome Octane wheels are sure to make all of the other trucks jealous of how much you love and appreciate your truck. The sleek black design of these wheels is classic and looks awesome without being over done. The finish on these wheels is a Matte Black color, which will look great on any truck, because as everyone knows, black matches everything. The spoke design on these wheels looks heavy duty and tough, as if your truck and you could take on the whole world together. The simplicity of the design shows that you two are a pair not to be messed with or caught up in silly little unimportant things. The two of you never let your eyes off of the goal, you will get wherever your going in style!

When you buy these wheel, you should know that you would be making a huge mistake to buy them from anywhere other than us here at DH Wheels. Why you might ask? Because of our low price guarantee that’s why. Our guarantee is uniquely competitive and guarantees to get you the lowest price possible. We also pledge to keep your personal information safe, secure and confidential at all times, which is the way it should always be!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X128×170 D50920201747BD -Black Matte125.20-444.7501002-53350047.00CONICAL4.36
20B20X128×180 D50920201852BD -Black Matte125.20-325.2501002-53350047.00CONICAL4.36
20C20X125×4.55×5.0D50920202647BD -Black Matte78.10-444.7501001-63250047.00CONICAL4.36
20D20X125×5.55×150D50920207047BD -Black Matte110.30-444.7501001-63B250047.00CONICAL4.67
20E20X128×6.5 D50920208247BD -Black Matte125.20-444.7501002-53350047.00CONICAL4.36
20F20X126×1356×5.5D50920209847BD -Black Matte106.40-444.7501001-63250047.00CONICAL4.36

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X148×170 D50922401745BD -Black Matte125.20-764.5001002-53350054.00CONICAL6.3
22B22X148×180 D50922401850BD -Black Matte125.20-645.0001002-53350054.00CONICAL6.3
22C22X145×4.55×5.0D50922402650BD -Black Matte78.10-645.0001001-63250054.00CONICAL6.3
22D22X148×6.5 D50922408245BD -Black Matte125.20-764.5001002-53350054.00CONICAL6.3
22E22X146×1356×5.5D50922409845BD -Black Matte106.40-764.5001001-63250054.00CONICAL6.3


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