Fuel Maverick Wheels – Black & Machined (D261)


Fuel Maverick Wheels – Black & Machined (D261)

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Product Description

If you want something that isn’t too flashy but yet is still out of the ordinary and definitely puts a unique twist on your typical truck wheels then these Maverick model truck wheels are exactly what you have been searching for! When you take your truck out for a spin you will notice the glances that all of the other drivers give you as you go cruising by, most of them will be either jealousy or admiration but most of them will probably be a combination of the two. Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want these awesome Maverick wheels to deck out their truck with? You know these are going to look incredible on your truck!

These Maverick wheels come finished in an incredibly beautiful finish combo. The finish featured on these Maverick wheels is black and machined. The black finish contrasts very nicely with the silvery color of the spokes. Having the black outer edge of the wheel really makes the silvery colored spokes shine even more and definitely stand out even more, so that it will be nearly impossible for anyone to miss them. The spoke design itself is pretty simple, which is great when you don’t want something too flashy and when you want to draw attention to the contrast between the black and silvery colored finishes.

When you purchase these black and machined Maverick wheels you already have it all figured out. You know that DH Wheels is the only place you want to be! You know this because no doubt by now you have caught wind of our amazing low price guarantee. You know that this guarantee allows you to get the lowest price on these wheels that is available anywhere. We even give you thirty days after your purchase to find a lower price!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
24A24X148×6.5 D26124408245MB -Black Machined125.20-754.5001002-53BR350063.00CONICAL8.81
24B24X146×1356×5.5D26124409845MB -Black Machined106.40-754.5001001-63BR250063.00CONICAL8.81


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