Fuel Maverick Dually Front Wheels – Black & Milled (D538)


Fuel Maverick Dually Front Wheels – Black & Milled (D538)

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Product Description

Whether your ride is stock or lifted, you’re going to love the way these Maverick Dually D538 front wheels by Fuel look on your vehicle. The bold convex profile of the thick eight spoke pattern looks downright beastly. The incredible chrome accents on the overall black rims provide a bit of bling to make your wheels look awesome as you drive down the road. Each spoke is outlined in fabulous chrome accent and the inner section also has shiny chrome bolts to provide depth and interest in the design.

The center cap features our fabulous Fuel logo that everyone wishes to see on their wheels. The expert millwork on these wheels is only equaled by the overall quality that proves beauty is not skin deep when it comes to these monsters. Built to laugh at those rough off roading trips you like to take, and to shine in all their glory when you’re driving down city streets or cruising on the highway, these incredible wheels have it all. Perfect for upgrading your existing vehicle or for putting your own personal stamp on a new vehicle, these amazing Maverick Dually D538 front wheels by Fuel are going to be your first step in a full out ride pimping.

If your funds are limited, then you definitely want to start your vehicle upgrade with these wheels. It is well known that wheel upgrades are the fastest way to add great eye catching looks and to increase the value of your vehicle overall. If you feel like your ride’s light has been hidden under a bushel, then make sure you install these babies and let its light shine. Let this be the last weekend that you ride alone and install these awesome Maverick Dually D538 front wheels by Fuel, because after you do, everyone will be wanting to ride with you.

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X8.258×170 D538208217FNB -Black Milled125.201229.4101003-27MB250038.00CONICAL 
20B20X8.258×170 D538208217LNB -Black Milled125.20-223-4.1701003-28MB250045.00CONICAL 
20C20X8.258×170 D538208217SNB -Black Milled125.20-168-2.0001003-28MB250047.00CONICAL 
20D20X8.258×6.5 D538208282FNB -Black Milled125.201229.4101003-27MB250038.00CONICAL 
20E20X8.258×6.5 D538208282LNB -Black Milled125.20-223-4.1701003-28MB250045.00CONICAL 
20F20X8.258×6.5 D538208282SNB -Black Milled125.20-168-2.0001003-28MB250047.00CONICAL 
20G20X8.258×200 D538208292FNB -Black Milled142.201229.4101003-37MB250038.00CONICAL 
20H20X8.258×200 D538208292LNB -Black Milled142.20-223-4.1701003-38MB250045.00CONICAL 
20I20X8.258×200 D538208292SNB -Black Milled142.20-168-2.0001003-38MB250047.00CONICAL 
20J20X8.258×210 D538208293FNB -Black Milled154.301229.4101003-37MB250038.00CONICAL 
20K20X8.258×210 D538208293LNB -Black Milled154.30-223-4.1701003-38MB250045.00CONICAL 
20L20X8.258×210 D538208293SNB -Black Milled154.30-168-2.0001003-38MB250047.00CONICAL 

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X8.258×170 D538228217NB -Black Milled125.101508.9001003-27MB250042.00CONICAL 
22B22X8.258×170 D53822821725NB -Black Milled154.30125-2.1701003-28MB250052.00CONICAL 
22C22X8.258×170 D53822821735NB -Black Milled154.30125-3.1701003-28MB250052.00CONICAL 
22D22X8.258×170 D53822821745NB -Black Milled154.30125-4.1701003-28MB250054.00CONICAL 
22E22X8.258×6.5 D538228272NB -Black Milled117.101058.9001003-27MB250042.00CONICAL 
22F22X8.258×6.5 D53822827225NB -Black Milled154.30117-2.9201003-28MB250052.00CONICAL 
22G22X8.258×6.5 D53822827235NB -Black Milled154.301173.9201003-28MB250054.00CONICAL 
22H22X8.258×6.5 D53822827245NB -Black Milled154.30117-4.9201003-28MB250054.00CONICAL 
22I22X8.258×6.5 D53822828DNB -Black Milled121.601058.9001003-27MB250042.00CONICAL 
22J22X8.258×6.5 D53822828D25NB -Black Milled154.30122-3.6701003-28MB250054.00CONICAL 
22K22X8.258×6.5 D53822828D35NB -Black Milled154.30122-4.6701003-28MB250056.00CONICAL 
22L22X8.258×6.5 D53822828D45NB -Black Milled154.30122-5.6701003-28MB250056.00CONICAL 
22M22X8.258×200 D538228292NB -Black Milled142.201058.9001003-37MB250042.00CONICAL 
22N22X8.258×200 D53822829225NB -Black Milled154.30142-2.1701003-38MB250052.00CONICAL 
22O22X8.258×200 D53822829235NB -Black Milled154.30142-3.1701003-38MB250052.00CONICAL 
22P22X8.258×200 D53822829245NB -Black Milled154.30142-4.1701003-38MB250054.00CONICAL 
22Q22X8.258×210 D538228293NB -Black Milled154.301058.9001003-37MB250042.00CONICAL 
22R22X8.258×210 D53822829325NB -Black Milled154.30154-2.9201003-38MB250052.00CONICAL 
22S22X8.258×210 D53822829335NB -Black Milled154.30154-3.9201003-38MB250054.00CONICAL 
22T22X8.258×210 D53822829345NB -Black Milled154.30154-4.9201003-38MB250054.00CONICAL 


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