Fuel Lethal Wheels – Chrome (D266)


Fuel Lethal Wheels – Chrome (D266)

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Product Description

Wheels are all the rage these days. Everyone seems to want to make their car look the coolest. Unfortunately a lot of the supposedly cool wheels that you see on people’s trucks these days just really aren’t as cool as they were supposed to be. That is an unfortunate reality that you can avoid by purchasing these Lethal wheels. As if the name weren’t enough to describe the level of awesomeness of these wheels already, just wait.

These Lethal wheels come with a shiny chrome finish that you and all who see your wheels will not be able to take your eyes off of. Is that an exaggeration? Perhaps, but perhaps not, it depends on how into truck wheels your family and friends are. But one thing is for sure, those who love truck wheels won’t be able to stop looking at your wheels or talking about them. And even those who could care less about trucks and vehicle accessories in general will have to stop and admire the shiny, sleek and downright cool looking wheels you have on your truck. However you spin in, these are truly impressive wheels.

The chrome finish on these Lethal wheels is only part of what makes them so interesting. The actual spoke design on these wheels creates a very eye catching and harmonious wedged design all the way around the wheel while a small cutout in the center of each spoke adds more detail to the overall design. DH Wheels is the number one store to get these wheels for the best price. This is all thanks to our commitment to your complete satisfaction. One of the ways we like to help you out is by giving you our low price guarantee which is good before your purchase as well as up to thirty days after!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X108×170 D26620001747P -Chrome125.20-194.7501002-53200047.00CONICAL4.59
20B20X108×180 D26620001847P -Chrome125.20-194.7501002-53200047.00CONICAL4.59
20C20X105×4.55×5.0D26620002647P -Chrome78.10-194.7501001-63200047.00CONICAL4.59
20D20X105×5.55×150D26620007047P -Chrome110.30-194.7501001-63200047.00CONICAL4.59
20E20X108×6.5 D26620008247P -Chrome125.20-194.7501002-53200047.00CONICAL4.59
20F20X106×1356×5.5D26620009847P -Chrome106.40-194.7501001-63200047.00CONICAL4.59
20G20X128×170 D26620201747P -Chrome125.20-444.7501002-53200052.00CONICAL6.35
20H20X128×180 D26620201847P -Chrome125.20-444.7501002-53200052.00CONICAL6.35
20I20X125×4.55×5.0D26620202647P -Chrome78.10-444.7501001-63200052.00CONICAL6.35
20J20X125×5.55×150D26620207047P -Chrome110.30-444.7501001-63200052.00CONICAL6.35
20K20X128×6.5 D26620208247P -Chrome125.20-444.7501002-53200052.00CONICAL6.35
20L20X126×1356×5.5D26620209847P -Chrome106.40-444.7501001-63200052.00CONICAL6.35
20M20X148×170 D26620401745P -Chrome125.20-764.5001002-53200054.00CONICAL9.35
20N20X145×5.55×150D26620407045P -Chrome110.30-764.5001001-63200054.00CONICAL9.35
20O20X148×6.5 D26620408245P -Chrome125.20-764.5001002-53200054.00CONICAL9.35
20P20X146×1356×5.5D26620409845P -Chrome106.40-764.5001001-63200054.00CONICAL9.35

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X108×170 D26622001750P -Chrome125.20-135.0001002-53200054.00CONICAL3.97
22B22X105×5.55×150D26622007050P -Chrome110.30-135.0001001-63200054.00CONICAL3.97
22C22X108×6.5 D26622008250P -Chrome125.20-135.0001002-53200054.00CONICAL3.97
22D22X106×1356×5.5D26622009850P -Chrome106.40-135.0001001-63200054.00CONICAL3.97
22E22X128×170 D26622201747P -Chrome125.20-444.7501002-53200057.00CONICAL6.23
22F22X125×5.55×150D26622207047P -Chrome110.30-444.7501001-63200057.00CONICAL6.23
22G22X128×6.5 D26622208247P -Chrome125.20-444.7501002-53200057.00CONICAL6.23
22H22X126×1356×5.5D26622209847P -Chrome106.40-444.7501001-63200057.00CONICAL6.23
22I22X148×170 D26622401747P -Chrome125.20-704.7501002-53200060.00CONICAL8.22
22J22X145×5.55×150D26622407047P -Chrome110.30-704.7501001-63200060.00CONICAL8.22
22K22X148×6.5 D26622408247P -Chrome125.20-704.7501002-53200060.00CONICAL8.22
22L22X146×1356×5.5D26622409847P -Chrome106.40-704.7501001-63200060.00CONICAL8.22


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