Fuel Hostage II Wheels – Anthracite Center, Matt Black & Anthracite Outer (D232)


Fuel Hostage II Wheels – Anthracite Center, Matt Black & Anthracite Outer (D232)

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Product Description

As if the original wasn’t good enough wait, just wait until you see the second edition! These Hostage II wheels are going to be even more beautiful and awesome than you ever imagined possible for a pair of truck wheels, which is saying quite a lot! These Hostage II wheels feature an incredible spoke design, but they also feature a one of a kind finish that is extremely unique and very beautiful. The finish is comprised of a beautiful Anthracite center, which is a pretty rare and unusual finish, but it is very beautiful and if you know that that is what you want then there is no better choice for your truck wheels than this Hostage II pair.

Now, not only do these wheels feature an Anthracite center, but they also feature an Anthracite outer, which is even more rare than the Anthracite center. The rest of the finish on these wheels is a matt black color, which really contrasts quite nicely with the Anthracite to bring you an overall beautifully finished wheel. The finish is great, but the combination of the finish and the spoke design is what really makes these wheels stand out from the crowd. Everything about the spoke design on these wheels suggests awesome heavy duty capability. The spokes features a rounded rectangular cut out and a huge bolt at the end where the spoke meets the outer edge of the wheel.

These are sure to be a huge hit! Get your Hostage II Anthracite and matt black wheels today from DH Wheels where you will only ever get the lowest prices for the highest quality wheels! We pledge to provide you with a safe and secure shopping experience and never share your personal and confidential information with outside third parties who are uninvolved in this transaction!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X108×170 D23220001747GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-194.7501001-59B350046.00CONICAL4.5
20B20X108×180 D23220001847GD -GunMetal Matte124.30-194.7501003-21B350046.00CONICAL4.5
20C20X105×150 D23220005647GD -GunMetal Matte110.30-194.7501001-56B250046.00CONICAL4.5
20D20X105×5.0 D23220007347GD -GunMetal Matte78.10-194.7501001-57B250046.00CONICAL4.5
20E20X108×6.5 D23220008247GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-194.7501001-59B350046.00CONICAL4.5
20F20X106×5.5 D23220008347GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-194.7501001-58B250046.00CONICAL4.5
20G20X105×5.5 D23220008547GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-194.7501001-61B250046.00CONICAL4.5
20H20X106×135 D23220008947GD -GunMetal Matte87.10-194.7501001-58B250046.00CONICAL4.5
20I20X128×170 D23220201747GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-444.7501001-59B350049.00CONICAL6.5
20J20X128×6.5 D23220208247GD -GunMetal Matte125.20-444.7501001-59B350049.00CONICAL6.5
20K20X126×5.5 D23220208347GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-444.7501001-58B250049.00CONICAL6.5
20L20X125×5.5 D23220208547GD -GunMetal Matte108.00-444.7501001-61B250049.00CONICAL6.5
20M20X126×135 D23220208947GD -GunMetal Matte87.10-444.7501001-58B250049.00CONICAL6.5

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
22A22X108×170 D23222001747BD -Black Matte125.10-194.7501001-59B350052.00CONICAL4.5
22B22X108×180 D23222001847BD -Black Matte124.30-194.7501003-21B350052.00CONICAL4.5
22C22X105×5.0 D23222007347BD -Black Matte78.10-194.7501001-57B250052.00CONICAL4.5
22D22X108×6.5 D23222008247BD -Black Matte125.20-194.7501001-59B350052.00CONICAL4.5
22E22X106×5.5 D23222008347BD -Black Matte108.00-194.7501001-58B250052.00CONICAL4.5
22F22X105×5.5 D23222008547BD -Black Matte108.00-194.7501001-61B250052.00CONICAL4.5
22G22X106×135 D23222008947BD -Black Matte87.10-194.7501001-58B250052.00CONICAL4.5
22H22X128×170 D23222201747BD -Black Matte125.10-444.7501001-59B350022.00CONICAL6.5
22I22X128×6.5 D23222208247BD -Black Matte125.20-444.7501001-59B350022.00CONICAL6.5
22J22X126×5.5 D23222208347BD -Black Matte108.00-444.7501001-58B250022.00CONICAL6.5
22K22X125×5.5 D23222208547BD -Black Matte108.00-444.7501001-61B250022.00CONICAL6.5
22L22X126×135 D23222208947BD -Black Matte87.10-444.7501001-58B250022.00CONICAL6.5


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