Fuel Full Blown Wheels Deep Lip – Chrome (D553)


Fuel Full Blown Wheels Deep Lip – Chrome (D553)

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Product Description

Everyone loves chrome. Face it, chrome is pretty much as timeless and classic as you can get when it comes to anything truck or car related. And there is a good reason for that too. Just look at the shiny beauty of these chrome wheels. They are absolutely gorgeous! The shininess level is completely off the charts and your family and friends are going to want to admire, ride in and drive you car. Of course, you may not want to let them do the latter, but you and your car sure are going to be popular.

These Full Blown chrome wheels feature an interesting spoke design. The spokes themselves are thick and wide and fairly simple. However, towards the outside edge of each spoke the metal kind of curves in and it is at that point that the wedged cut out begins to appear. This adds another layer of detail to admire on these heavy duty wheels. The beginning of the triangular wedge cut out is pretty subtle and gradual, but then it eventually flattens out to form completely straight edges. These wheels are going to look great on your truck, because they would look awesome on just about any style, model or color of truck in existence!

When you purchase these wheels from us here at DH Wheels, you automatically have more than just your awesome wheels to brag about, you now will have an awesome deal to brag about! Just let everyone in your family and all of your friends know that here at DH Wheels we offer you our intensely competitive low price guarantee, which means exactly what it sounds like- that you will only pay the lowest prices available anywhere here! Contact a representative on our customer service team to learn more today! What are you waiting for?

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X128×170 D55320201747VVP -Powder Chrome125.20-444.7501002-53350043.00 5.15
20B20X125×1275×139.7D55320205747VVP -Powder Chrome87.10-444.7501001-63250043.00 5.15
20C20X128×165.1 D55320208247VVP -Powder Chrome125.20-444.7501002-53350043.00 5.15
20D20X126×1356×139.7D55320209847VVP -Powder Chrome106.40-444.7501001-63250043.00 5.15


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