Fuel Dune Wheels – PVD (D539)


Fuel Dune Wheels – PVD (D539)

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Product Description

What is it about chrome that catches the eye and the imagination? Maybe it’s because it seems impossibly shiny. Maybe that shine lends it a feeling of the futuristic. Whatever it is, chrome has an undeniable appeal, and it may be just the thing your wheels could use to go from ordinary to extremely classy and attention-grabbing. Fitting these things onto your vehicle is a sure way to upgrade it.

The Dune D539 is a great choice, and not just because the chrome finish makes the six curved spokes make it look like a work of art. It’s a great choice because those spokes are heavy duty and have been proven road worthy. They can withstand whatever you put them through without any trouble at all. In reality, they can probably handle your driving better than the original wheels that came with your vehicle. That makes them one solid investment, which really gives you the best of both worlds. Get a great wheel that will last a long time while also impressing everyone around you with your sense of style and class. Have fun equipping your vehicle with all the customized parts that make it look just how you want it to look.

We hope you’re happy to be here at our store, since we have such an awesome lowest price guarantee. It ensures that the Dune D539 is available to you here at our store for the lowest price that you could find it for anywhere. The same thing applies to all of our wheels, so you really can’t go wrong shopping at our store. We love providing you with the wheels you need to truly customize that vehicle of yours!

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X95×5.05×135D53920900550VP -Powder Chrome87.1015.0001002-48250044.00CONICAL0
20B20X98×170 D53920901750VP -Powder Chrome125.2015.0001002-49350044.00CONICAL0
20C20X98×170 D53920901757VP -Powder Chrome125.20205.7501002-49350044.00CONICAL0
20D20X98×180 D53920901850VP -Powder Chrome125.2015.0001002-49350044.00CONICAL0
20E20X98×180 D53920901857VP -Powder Chrome125.20205.7501002-49350044.00CONICAL0
20F20X95×4.55×5.0D53920902650VP -Powder Chrome72.6015.0001002-48250044.00CONICAL0
20G20X95×4.55×5.0D53920902657VP -Powder Chrome72.60205.7501002-48250044.00CONICAL0
20H20X95×5.55×150D53920907050VP -Powder Chrome110.3015.0001002-48250044.00CONICAL0
20I20X95×5.55×150D53920907057VP -Powder Chrome110.30205.7501002-48250044.00CONICAL0
20J20X98×6.5 D53920908250VP -Powder Chrome125.2015.0001002-49350044.00CONICAL0
20K20X98×6.5 D53920908257VP -Powder Chrome125.20205.7501002-49350044.00CONICAL0
20L20X96×1356×5.5D53920909850VP -Powder Chrome106.4015.0001002-48250044.00CONICAL0
20M20X96×1356×5.5D53920909857VP -Powder Chrome106.40205.7501002-48250044.00CONICAL0
20N20X108×170 D53920001745VP -Powder Chrome125.20-244.5001002-49350042.00CONICAL0
20O20X108×170 D53920001750VP -Powder Chrome125.20-125.0001002-49350042.00CONICAL0
20P20X108×180 D53920001850VP -Powder Chrome125.20-125.0001002-49350042.00CONICAL0
20Q20X105×4.55×5.0D53920002645VP -Powder Chrome72.60-244.5001002-48250042.00CONICAL0
20R20X105×4.55×5.0D53920002650VP -Powder Chrome72.60-125.0001002-48250042.00CONICAL0
20S20X105×5.55×150D53920007045VP -Powder Chrome110.30-244.5001002-48250042.00CONICAL0
20T20X105×5.55×150D53920007050VP -Powder Chrome110.30-125.0001002-48250042.00CONICAL0
20U20X108×6.5 D53920008245VP -Powder Chrome125.20-244.5001002-49350042.00CONICAL0
20V20X108×6.5 D53920008250VP -Powder Chrome125.20-125.0001002-49350042.00CONICAL0
20W20X106×1356×5.5D53920009845VP -Powder Chrome106.40-244.5001002-48250042.00CONICAL0
20X20X106×1356×5.5D53920009850VP -Powder Chrome106.40-125.0001002-48250042.00CONICAL0


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