Fuel Dune Wheels – Machined Black (D524)


Fuel Dune Wheels – Machined Black (D524)

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Product Description

Doesn’t this wheel sort of remind you of a Chinese throwing star? It catches the eye and ignites the imagination with the essence of a Ninja! Just as Ninjas have the ultimate skill and prowess, you have a lot of skill when it comes to customizing your vehicle. You know how to tell what parts will look good together, and what combinations can transform your vehicle into a machine people will notice and remember. So don’t be scared to take off your old, ordinary wheels and replace them with these awesome artistic beauties. Don’t be fooled, though!

The Dune D524 is more than just a fun work of art. It’s a high quality, durable wheel that can handle all of your driving adventures without a problem. Another way you could look at this six spoked wonder is as a snowflake. What do they always say about snowflakes? They’re totally unique, right? Isn’t that the whole point of customizing your vehicle? You want to create a unique vision, something that doesn’t exactly match any other vehicle.

Our store is a great place for you to get the wheels you need to do that. This wheel and all of our wheels are offered to you for the lowest price you could find them for anywhere! We actually regularly check competing stores just to make sure that our prices are the lowest you can find. We try to take care of you also by never sharing your personal information. And we have this great customer service team that can answer your wheel-related questions. Please get in touch with us in the way that works best for you, whether it’s by phone, email, or live chat.

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
17A17X98×170 D52417901745MB -Black Machined125.20-124.5001002-53350031.00CONICAL0
17B17X98×170 D52417901750MB -Black Machined125.2015.0001002-53350031.00CONICAL0
17C17X95×4.55×5.0D52417902645MB -Black Machined78.10-124.5001001-63250031.00CONICAL0
17D17X95×5.05×5.5D52417905745MB -Black Machined87.10-124.5001001-63250031.00CONICAL0
17E17X98×6.5 D52417908245MB -Black Machined125.20-124.5001002-53350031.00CONICAL0
17F17X98×6.5 D52417908250MB -Black Machined125.2015.0001002-53350031.00CONICAL0
17G17X96×1356×5.5D52417909845MB -Black Machined106.40-124.5001001-63250031.00CONICAL0

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
20A20X98×170 D52420901750MB -Black Machined125.2015.0001002-53350044.00CONICAL0
20B20X98×170 D52420901757MB -Black Machined125.20205.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL0
20C20X98×180 D52420901857MB -Black Machined125.20205.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL0
20D20X95×4.55×5.0D52420902650MB -Black Machined78.1015.0001001-63250044.00CONICAL0
20E20X95×5.55×150D52420907050MB -Black Machined110.3015.0001001-63250044.00CONICAL0
20F20X95×5.55×150D52420907057MB -Black Machined110.30205.7501001-63B250044.00CONICAL0
20G20X98×6.5 D52420908250MB -Black Machined125.2015.0001002-53350044.00CONICAL0
20H20X98×6.5 D52420908257MB -Black Machined125.20205.7501002-53350044.00CONICAL0
20I20X96×1356×5.5D52420909850MB -Black Machined106.4015.0001001-63250044.00CONICAL0
20J20X96×1356×5.5D52420909857MB -Black Machined106.40205.7501001-63250044.00CONICAL0
20K20X108×170 D52420001745MB -Black Machined125.20-244.5001002-53350042.00CONICAL0
20L20X108×170 D52420001750MB -Black Machined125.20-125.0001002-53350042.00CONICAL0
20M20X108×180 D52420001850MB -Black Machined125.20-125.0001002-53350042.00CONICAL0
20N20X105×4.55×5.0D52420002650MB -Black Machined78.10-125.0001001-63250042.00CONICAL0
20O20X105×5.05×5.5D52420005745MB -Black Machined87.10-244.5001001-63250042.00CONICAL0
20P20X108×6.5 D52420008245MB -Black Machined125.20-244.5001002-53350042.00CONICAL0
20Q20X108×6.5 D52420008250MB -Black Machined125.20-125.0001002-53350042.00CONICAL0
20R20X106×1356×5.5D52420009845MB -Black Machined106.40-244.5001001-63250042.00CONICAL0
20S20X106×1356×5.5D52420009850MB -Black Machined106.40-125.0001001-63250042.00CONICAL0


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