Fuel Anza Beadlock Wheels – Raw Machined (D116)


Fuel Anza Beadlock Wheels – Raw Machined (D116)

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Product Description

The Anza Beadlock off-road wheel by Fuel brand is a premium, custom off-road wheel – a one-piece aluminum wheel upgrade for your lifted truck or off-road vehicle. The Fuel Anza Beadlock one-piece off-road wheel is designed specifically for off-road use only; giving its best performance on the most rugged terrains and road conditions. The 5/8 inch thick forged ring signature to the Anza design is extremely durable; an innovative design. Fuel brand’s Anza wheels have 18 flange head grade 8 bolts pattern and flush mounted, recessed bolt holes.

Optional custom finishes make the Fuel off-road Anza Beadlock wheel an even more suitable custom work of art with the maximum functionality of any premium off-road wheel on the market today. Fuel Off-road manufacturers are committed to creating and producing the most advanced off-road wheel designs, with the latest in engineering methods, utilizing only the best materials available to automakers. The One piece Fuel brand off-road wheel is cast from a single mold, as opposed to a two or three piece manufacturing method combining the center section to the outer rim portion of the wheel, as are some off-road wheel types.

Fuel Off-road wheels available at DH Wheels are designed to please the most particular off-road enthusiasts and customization junkies, with innovative designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing, creating a perfectly accurate and precise Fuel Anza Beadlock wheel in each unit. Keeping your Fuel Anza Beadlock off-road wheels clean with proper cleaning methods will preserve the finish for an even longer lifetime. Simply wait for your wheels to cool before washing, and use light automotive soap. Re-torqueing your wheels also make a big difference, first after 25 miles and then after 100 miles. Whether your off-road vehicle is stock or lifted and fully customized, the Fuel Anza Beadlock off-road wheel is an ultimate choice sure to please you in the way your car looks on and off the road as well as its premium, superior performance over other brands off-road wheels.

Configuration Options select a diameter size to see available options

ConfigurationSizeBPBP 2Part NumberFinishBoreOffsetBSM (in)Cap NumRating (lb)Weight (lb)Lug TypeLipSize (in)
17A17X98×170 D11617901745C -Custom125.10-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91
17B17X98×180 D11617901845C -Custom124.30-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91
17C17X95×4.5 D11617906545C -Custom72.60-124.500 250034.00CONICAL0
17D17X95×5.0 D11617907345C -Custom78.10-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91
17E17X98×6.5 D11617908245C -Custom125.20-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91
17F17X96×5.5 D11617908345C -Custom108.00-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91
17G17X95×5.5 D11617908545C -Custom108.00-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91
17H17X96×135 D11617908945C -Custom87.10-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91
17I17X96×6.5 D1161790R145C -Custom108.00-144.500 34000.00CONICAL2.91


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