Dually Fuel Wheels for Trucks

Dually Fuel WheelsSerious performance vehicles need serious Fuel off road wheels. When it comes to serious, you won’t find anything more legit than a set of Fuel wheels truck duallys. Expertly engineered and specifically designed for quick and easy installation, rotation, and removal, the dually Fuel wheels for sale here at DH Wheels do not require adaptors of any kind.

Available in over a dozen style, size, and finish combinations, the only problem we can imagine you’ll have is deciding on just one set of these bad boys for your truck. Don’t worry, though, if you’re having a hard time choosing which Fuel wheels to snag for yourself, just contact one of our in house specialists.

Our Customer Service Team is second to none and always ready to provide hassle free advice, suggestions, and recommendations. You’re also welcome to check out our Learning Center, Buyers Guide and list of Frequently Asked Questions too.

Dually Fuel Wheels for Off Road Enthusiasts

If towing and loading and hauling are regular parts of your day to day life, then you’ve probably got a performance truck with some impressive dual rear wheels installed to help keep you securely on the road. However, like you, DH Wheels believes that just because you are a hard working person with a hard working vehicle that doesn’t mean you and your baby have to look dirty or rundown.

In fact, there’s a growing number of dually owners who are embracing that idea. For a quick start on finding the perfect wheels for your performance vehicle, check out three of our most popular Fuel wheels truck duallys:


Fuel Throttle Wheels Front Dually – Matte Black & Milled (D513)

Fuel Throttle Wheels Front Dually - Matte Black & Milled (D513)

Matte black finish and machined accents give these Fuel Throttle dually wheels a tough yet clean look that’ll work great with just about any performance truck you put them on.


Fuel Hostage II Dually Front Wheels – Custom (D232)

Fuel Hostage II Dually Front Wheels - Custom (D232)

Dark gunmetal and black matte finishes (pictured) give our Fuel Hostage II dually wheels uniquely dynamic look and feel that perfectly compliments the classic 8 spoke design.


Fuel Full Blown Dually Front Wheels – Custom (D254)

Fuel Full Blown Dually Front Wheels - Custom (D254)

Iconic five-point star design – a favorite choice of those going for a military / utilitarian look – gets a modern upgrade with a rich, milled black finish (pictured) and wedge cutouts.

Dually wheels can be a bit tricky to get due to their multi-facing options (front and back wheels). Don’t stress, though, that’s why we have in house specialists ready to help you get the right Fuel Wheels truck duallys for your baby – the first time. Hassle free, personalized advice and suggestions are just a call or click away!

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