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Fuel Offroad Wheels Mega Sale – All Models!

When it comes to updating how your performance vehicle looks, there’s no simpler or more effective way to do it than with a new set of our Fuel Offroad custom wheels. Not only will your ride get a huge boost in style but it may even get a few extra points in handling and response times, too.

DH Wheels has one of the largest selections of Fuel Offroad wheels for sale you’ll find; online or in stores. From classic One Piece to to epic Deep Lip wheels, and just about everything in between, we’re confident that we’ve got a set of Fuel Offroad wheels perfect for your Jeep, SUV, or truck.

Don’t forget that you’re welcome to contact one of our in house specialists for free, personalized suggestions, recommendations, and advice. You can also take a peek at our Buyers Guide page for more information about our Fuel wheels.

DH Wheels: Fuel Wheels by Type

When it comes to finding a Fuel Offroad wheels sale, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else on the web. At DH Wheels, we’re dedicated to offering you the largest selection of Fuel Offroad wheels at the best prices. Period. Our inventory includes a massive range of sizes and finishes in all of the choicest Fuel models and types. Duallys? Check. Deep Lip? Check. One and Two Piece rims? Check. You want it, we got it!

Here’s a quick rundown of what each of these epic Fuel Offroad custom wheels has to offer you.

One Piece Fuel Wheels are cast from one mold to create a single, solid rim. One Piece wheels are the tried and true choice for any serious off roader. You’ll never be disappointed with this type of rim.

Fuel One Piece Wheels

Two Piece Fuel Wheels are cast from two separate molds and then bolted together after the final finish has been applied. A different finish can be applied to each piece thus creating a larger variety of wheel types compared to One Piece rims.

Fuel Two Piece Wheels


Deep Lip Fuel Wheels are cast with an extremely high offset to accommodate equally extreme aftermarket lift kits.

Fuel Deep Lip Wheels

Dually Fuel Wheels are cast to meet the required specs for dually oriented performance vehicles.

Fuel Dually Wheels

Need more information about our Fuel Offroad wheels? No worries. One of our in house specialists would be happy to offer free, personalized advice and recommendations to ensure you get the perfect Fuel wheels for your vehicle.

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