15 Inch

15 Inch FUEL Truck Wheels

15The classic choice, this sized wheel provides a balance of hardware and tire profile that is universally appealing. Many performance truck owners prefer 15 inch truck wheels because they are great for keeping the working truck feel and functionality without being locked in with boring factory issued generics. Don’t worry, though, these custom 15 rims aren’t reserved just to 15 inch truck wheels. Whether you’re looking for chrome 15 rims for your Sports Utility Vehicle or 15 inch wide wheels for your Jeep – or any other vehicle – we’ve got the perfect Fuel wheels for your lifestyle and taste.

Remember that you can always contact our great specialists if you have any questions. Even if what you need is just someone to bounce ideas off of, our team is ready to help! Prefer your own investigation? Our Buyers Guide and Frequently Asked Questions list are just what you’re looking for.

15″ Fuel Wheels for the Off Road Enthusiast

It doesn’t matter if your off road destination is in the desert or in the woods or somewhere more accessible, you can’t go wrong with a set of custom 15 rims from Fuel. Available in an array of finishes and styles, your new 15 inch truck wheels, Jeep wheels, or Sports Utility Vehicle wheels are sure to provide the ultimate in strength, durability, and Va-Va-VOOM for you and your baby. Just don’t forget to smile when everyone stops to watch you drive by.

These Fuel 15 inch wide wheels are perfect for showcasing performance tires or quickly and easily updating the entire look and feel of your ride. Whether you’re looking for something covert and low profile or something in high impact chrome, you’ll find it at DH Wheels.

Wondering what other off roaders are getting for themselves? Here are three of our most popular 15 inch Fuel Wheels.

15” Fuel Revolver Wheels – Matte Black & Milled (D525)


As the name suggests, these 15 inch Revolver wheels utilize an eight barrel design and matte black finish for a modern yet old world feel.


15” Fuel Anza Wheels – Matte Anthracite w/ Black Ring (D558)

15” Fuel Anza Wheels - Matte Anthracite w/ Black Ring (D558)

Dual toned matte finish and five point star design give our 15 inch Anza wheels a contemporary-militant vibe that’s understated yet bold.


15” Fuel Lethal Wheels – Black & Milled (D567)

15” Fuel Lethal Wheels - Black & Milled (D567)

Sleek black starburst design with milled white tips of these 15 inch Lethal wheels bring to mind the classic martial arts movies that made you want to be a Ninja.

Don’t forget that our in house specialists are just a call or instant message away. Whether you just want a second opinion or you’re not quite sure if 15” Fuels are for you, they’re ready to help.


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