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Deep Lip FUEL Off Road Rims

Deep Lip Fuel WheelsHave lift? A lot of lift? Epic levels of lift? Perfect! The Deep Lip Fuel off road rims for sale here at DH Wheels have been expertly designed with your performance vehicle in mind. These beasts have been engineered and manufactured for trucks, Jeeps, and Sports Utility Vehicles that have been modified with extreme aftermarket lift kits, so you know the offset is going to be just right.

Our inventory of Deep Lip Fuel off road rims includes over a dozen different combinations of finish, size, and style. That’s right, you’ve finally found a place that offers more than just one or two extreme offset options. Pretty nice, right?

Need some help trying to decide on which rims to get? Just contact one of our in house specialist for some free, no hassle advice. For the hands on folks out there, take a look at our quick reference Buyers Guide and list of FAQs.

Deep Lip Fuel Wheels for Off Road Enthusiasts

By now you’ve realized that Fuel off road rims are pretty much the creme de la creme of custom wheels. Our selection of Deep Lip Fuel off road truck rims, Jeep rims, and Sports Utility Vehicle rims are no exception to the standard of excellence you’ve come to expect and demand for your performance ride.

Specifically engineered to accommodate the serious offset needed for vehicles that have serious aftermarket lift kits, you’ll appreciate your Fuel off road rims as much for their style as for their specialized specifications.

Take a look at our most popular Deep Lip rims to give you a quick taste of what you’ll find here at DH Wheels.

Deep Lip Fuel Hostage Wheels Deep Lip – Matte Black (D531)

Deep Lip Fuel Hostage Wheels Deep Lip - Matte Black (D531)

Cutout, 8 point burst design brings to mind a stylized North Star. Lead the way, trailblazer, our Hostage wheels will get you wherever you want to go; in good time and great style.

Our in house specialists, headquartered right here in the United States of America, are always just a call or instant message away if you find yourself in need of some hassle free, personalized advice, suggestions, or recommendations.

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