Fuel Wheels for the Off Road Enthusiast

Thanks for visiting DHWheels.com! We’re one of the top online stores that is exclusively selling Fuel wheels: One Piece, Two Piece, Dually, and Deep Lip product lines. Why are we specifically selling Fuel wheels, you might wonder? If you know much about Fuel’s reputation as the premier on road and off road wheel builder, then you already know how nothing else out there comes remotely close in comparison to their quality, their precise construction, and mind blowing appearance.


Not so familiar with Fuel yet? That’s fine - you’re in the right place to learn more about their off road wheels. Just check out the Fuel Hostage wheels that come with an 8 star wheel pattern in a number of outstanding finishes. If you like that pattern but appreciate a thicker, heavier look, get a load of the these aggressive Fuel Octane wheels we carry. Want to see absolute true artistry collide with astonishing engineering? Then you’ve got to gaze upon the Fuel Throttle wheels that come in both chrome and superior black finishes. Don’t worry - this is only the tip of the iceberg, and we still have such sights to show you.

Want to learn even more about Fuel wheels to harness both an insanely awesome appearance and extreme performance for your truck? Look no further! We’ve got the intel you’re seeking below. When it comes to choosing aftermarket truck wheels, there’s far more to take into consideration apart from aesthetics, and if this is your first time going away from stock wheels, we want to help you make the best decision possible to insure your ride looks and drives the best.    

About Fuel Wheels

Ram1500-Titan_AT_1_medFuel Off-Road was established by MHT Luxury Alloys back in 2009, and has been one of the industry’s top innovative leaders in design, quality, and performance. Fuel Off-Road’s engineering offers the most amazing, aggressive appearances in off road wheels that are only matched by their rugged quality and ability to outperform any competitor in the market today.

You want proof of that? Check out our post on the JM2 - the signature Fuel off road wheel designed exclusively for Jeremy McGrath’s LOORS race truck. There are sponsors, and then there are manufacturers. What says more? An adhesive logo stuck to the hood of a race truck, or a powerful set of Fuel wheels built for a champion? We know you knew the answer to that one.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels: FAQs

When you invest in some high caliber, aftermarket, off road wheels like Fuel’s, you could potentially require some additional truck upgrades to make everything perform as well as it can. We have some subjects, here, on this matter that will help in your purchasing process.

p-19436-fuel-jm2-4__18387-600x600Front Locking Hubs: Do you have front locking hubs and are uncertain if you can access them with a Fuel wheel? No problem! Fuel builds two-piece center caps that come apart just for this purpose. The top cap section with the Fuel logo can be removed so that you can access the locking hubs with ease. Check out this pick for an example.

Any Problems Or Issues With Fuel Wheels: Should you experience any issues with the Fuel wheels you purchased from DHWheels.com, please let us know ASAP. Your warranty issues are processed through your Fuel dealer (us), and in order for Fuel Off-Road to take actions, we must address your issue to them. This includes the following types: warranties, problems, and replacement parts.

Removable Beadlock Ring Inquiry - Anza (D557 & D558) and Trophy (D551 & D552): Both the Anza (D557 & D558) and the Trophy (D551 & D552) come with faux bead lock rings that are not removable on the one piece cast wheels. Sometimes customers desire to powder coat or paint these wheels after they’ve been purchase, and want to remove the beadlock rings, so this is why we’re mentioning it. No - they don’t come off. More importantly, though, is that if you  modify a Fuel Wheel’s factory finish, you will make void your existing finish warranty.   

Custom Finishes And Colors On Fuel Wheels: Fuel Off-Road does not offer custom finishes or colors on any wheel styles besides their Fuel Forged edition wheels which DHWheels.com does not presently carry. The short answer, then: No - no custom finishes or colors are available.  

p-21228-Fuel_Beast_BLK-DDT_20x12_A1-10002__66600-600x600Usability Of Fuel Deep Lip Wheels: In order for the Deep Lip wheel series to work properly, they will, in nearly every case, require a lift kit on account of the aggressive offsets. For further verification regarding compatibility, we recommend you contact your lift kit/suspension installer about specific applications.

What Does “One-Piece” and “Two-Piece” Mean? Fuel Off-Road designs some pretty amazing and unique alloy wheels - you can therefore get a wheel that is cast from a single mold that forms a solid “one-piece” wheel, or a “two-piece” wheel constructed from two separate casts (center section and outer, rim portion). The two-piece wheels allow for a contrasting finish variance between the rims and center that isn’t possible to do with a one-piece wheel.      

What Is PVD Chrome? Some Fuel wheel series come with a PVD chrome finish (Physical Vapor Deposition). If you’re new to the term PVD chrome, let us help you understand what it is and how it differs from a chrome finish.

p-19788-Fuel_Nutz_20x10PVD-1000__51030-600x600A PVD chrome finish (sometimes called “sputtering”) is more closely related to the painting process than a proper chrome finish that requires multiple layers of nickel, acid baths, polishing, and the eventual bonding of chromium for a protective finish. A PVD chrome finish is more durable than a chrome finish, and it’s less susceptible to the corrosion of salt and other chemicals applied to the road. Processing PDV chrome is also 100% environmentally safe, whereas making traditional chrome via electroplating is so toxic and hazardous that it became the very first government controlled process in America. Bonding chrome requires using a very highly concentrated chromic acid that is extremely challenging to dispose of, and very detrimental to people’s health, though chrome finishes, themselves, are not.

Well, that’s nice and all… saving the planet and stuff, but how does a PVD chrome finish compare to traditional chrome in appearance? PVD finishes are slightly darker in hue, so the results are not quite as reflective and efulgent as a chrome finish. Still, they are very close. A PVD chrome finished wheel is also 80% lighter in weight than chrome wheels, and this is why. To bond chrome to steel or aluminum alloy wheels, they first need to be sanded to perfection, and then cleaned. Next, a layer of nickel is applied (+weight), and then it is polished, dipped in acid, cleaned, and then another layer of nickel is applied (repeat the process). Sometimes there are three to four layers of nickel applied to a wheel (sometimes copper, too) before the layers of chrome are actually applied over the nickel. This adds some serious weight to your wheel. Applying a PVD chrome finish is quite different. First a raw wheel is sanded and cleaned. It’s then heated and base coated (powder coated), and then primer coated. Finally, it’s plated with chrome in a vacuum chamber, and then given an acrylic clear coat for a protective sealant.

Repairing a PVD chrome finish on your wheel is far easier and cheaper than traditional chrome finishes, too. In short, both finishes require the wheel to be stripped down to its raw state and built back up again (the way they were originally made). Removing all the nickel layers from chrome and then putting new ones on is extremely labor intensive. It’s far cheaper to just buy a new chrome wheel than to repair it. A PVD finish, however, only requires minimal stripping, so the labor is not nearly as time consuming.

Fuel_FullBlown_Tundra1_medWhat is Plus Sizing?

Plus Sizing (also known as “stepping up”) is when you increase the wheel’s total diameter without changing the overall tire’s circumference. For example, a 26” tire might come standard with a 15” wheel. If you upgrade to a 16”wheel (“Plus-one”), or an 18” wheel (Plus-three) while keeping the 26” tire, then you are plus sizing the wheels. When it comes to plus sizing, there are significant advantages and disadvantages that we want you to be aware of.

Advantages to Plus Sizing:

You can’t beat the aesthetic, head-turning charm of plus-sized wheels - seriously! If you’re into getting compliments about how amazing your ride looks, this will only make admiration better. Guess what? There are some practical benefits as well as beauty. Wheel manufacturers have rigorously tested and proven that plus sized wheels will increase the turning efficiency, fuel milage, and the smoothness of a ride (within reason). Having too large of wheels, however, will not help in these matters. 

Drawbacks to Plus Sizing:

Too much of a wheel increase can actually reduce your driving traction on gravel and water (larger surface on specific slippage), and will cause you to skid or glide more. Without these conditions, your traction increases because there is more rubber surface making contact with the road (a nice feature to have for an off road wheel!). An additional drawback to having too much plus sizing is the impact damage that can pinch shorter  sidewalls when encountering  hazards like curbs and potholes. Under these circumstances, it’s best to avoid these obstacles instead of hitting them head on. For more specific information on the advantages of and disadvantages of plus sizing, check out this published study done by ConsumerReports.org.